See why carpet is a fantastic flooring option for a remodel

Remodeling your home with carpet could be the most exciting option, especially if comfort and softness are important to you. This floor covering is the only soft surface option available in the industry, with benefits that aren’t found anywhere else. Learning more about what this product line can offer for your remodel of any size is vital, so here are some essential facts for your consideration.

Facts matter, and here are a few about carpet

Carpeting is comfortable, cozy, soft, and warm, and it feels great underfoot, making it a superb addition to bedrooms, children’s rooms, and living rooms. Carpet offers incredible softness, which is responsible for many other benefits, including a safer, stabler surface for children and older adults, reduced noise levels, and a peaceful home atmosphere wherever the flooring is installed. In addition, you might be surprised to find the materials even improve the air quality of your home by trapping allergens known to cause breathing issues.

If versatility and décor matching are essential parts of your remodel, look to carpeting for various colors, textures, patterns, and fibers to suit any preference or style. At our carpet store, you can mix and match different carpet types to create something unique and personalized for a surface that speaks directly to your personality or lifestyle. All these benefits serve the dual purpose of adding value to your home with an enhanced look and character.

Durability is essential to many homeowners, and carpet offers various levels of protection, so it's necessary to consider your options. Nylon is a good choice for busy homes. Also, built-in stain and odor protection add another level of durability, which is important for parents and pet owners.

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