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Ceramic Tile - Offering Unlimited Design Possibilities

The elegance of ceramic tile. Coming from nature, each piece is unique. Stop in our Franklin MA flooring & tile stores and see our wide selection of ceramic tile, listellos, trims and beautiful porcelain tiles in hundreds of different shapes, sizes and colors.

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American Olean Tile

Introducing our innovative way of choosing tile. We have organized our tiles into four distinct categories each with a look and style all its own. Once you have found the look you are after, simply browse through our online catalogue to find just the right tile to create your perfect environment.


Design, innovation, creation are what Bati Orient stands for.  The quality of our products is one of our main priorities.  our management of the supply chain and our clear technical specifications ensure optimal levels of quality.

Dal Tile

Want to use your own photos in the Design-a-Room tool? Want to see what our products will look like in your room? We have made it simple to do with with our easy-to-install Design-a-Room application The steps are easy. Take a photo with your digital camera, import into the program and Design-a-Room will guide you through the rest. In minutes you will be placing our beautiful tiles and slabs in your room setting.

Florida Tile

Your home is a special place. Everything you put in it should make you happy and comfortable. The way you decorate - the colors and products you choose - all become part of your total living environment. Florida Tile is committed to providing you with the materials you need to make your home or business the best it can be.

More durable than most any other wall or floor covering, hard surface flooring offers timeless beauty and the advantage of being easy to clean. Our product lines provide an extraordinary range of options in Portfolio collections, floor tile and wall tile for you to choose from and have been designed to be compatible with our moldings and decorative accent tiles.

Happy Floors

We are a large manufacturer of tiles from Italy and Spain. 

Mannington Tile

Since our start as a small felt-based flooring company in Salem, N.J., we have held to a few basic rules of thumb: professional management, sound business practices, and strong values. Our founder and his descendants held to these beliefs through devastating fires, the Great Depression, two world wars, numerous setbacks and period of incredible innovation and growth. And you can bet that we hold onto them just as firmly today.

Marazzi Tile

Solid Experience Attuned to the nuances of the industry since he was a young man, Filippo Marazzi, grandson and namesake of the founder, recognized the untapped American market for tile. He boldly focused his pioneering vision for expansion into building the first Italian-owned ceramic manufacturing plant in the U.S.

Mohawk Tile

Offering a broad array of products, Mohawk ceramic tile comes in all major product types including floor tile, wall tile, mosaics and decorative tiles. From glazed floor to Colorbody™ porcelain tile, Mohawk has a product to suit virtually any use throughout the home. Since color and design are so important in creating the right look, Mohawk has taken special care to create products that offer the right blend of colors, sizes, textures and finishes to express your individuality. No matter your budget or taste, whether designing a Mediterranean villa or a contemporary loft, Mohawk ceramic tile offers an incredible wealth of design options that work together to help create your own amazing space.

MSI Stone

Whether you are installing tile in your residence or for a commercial project, MSI supplies a wide assortment of colors and choices including Granite, Marble, Travertine, Porcelain, Slate, Limestone, Onyx, Ceramic, Quartzite, and Sandstone. Popular MSI flooring tile sizes include 12x12, 12x24, 16x16, 16x24, 18x18, 8x16, & 8x8 (check each color for particular size availability). Our flooring tile collections are also available in unique shapes and patterns.


For the installer, by the installer.  Schluter systems is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for tile installation.

Shaw Tile

Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic made of a very fine mixture of clays and minerals similar to those found in fine dinnerware. These special clays allow porcelain tile to be fired at temperatures even higher than ceramic tile, typically exceeding 2,400 degrees (F). The higher temperature results in a very dense tile. And the denser a tile, the better it resists moisture.

Like ceramic tile, porcelain tile from Shaw Ceramics is resistant to stains, odors, bacteria, and scratches. It is also...

  • denser and harder than most other tile
  • highly stain and water resistant
  • naturally hygienic with easy to clean surfaces that can be smooth, textured, or polished
  • beautiful and durable, both in the home or in commercial applications

Solistone Tile

The SOLISTONE Decorative Pebbles Collection can be used in an extensive range of design applications including bathrooms, kitchens, fountains/water features, pools, driveways, pathways, fireplaces and more. Mesh-mounted pebbles are hand sorted into matching colors and sizes and individually glued onto a mesh backing. Each tile sheet can be trimmed to any shape and is flexible to allow contouring to various surfaces.

Pebbles are a natural product where no two pieces will be exactly alike. This variation is generally a desired feature in the product. It is not unusual to find the occasional flaws, veins and lines of separation in the pebbles.